"If I did it, you can!"

Personal Trainer and 

Great looking - Great feeling

I am David Petra and if you are thinking about a lifestyle change now, you are not reconciled to your figure, you want to lose weight, you want to be fitter, healthier, then I am your man because I know exactly what you are going through. Because I know what it's like to get that comment about how good a chick you would be if you lost weight. I know how awkward it is to go down to the gym first because you think everyone will be busy with what you look like. I know how carbohydrate addiction feels and how hard it is to overcome persistent bad habits. And I'm about to start you on a path that leads you to how you can make lasting changes and be healthier! 


Guide to the perfect shape

Home Training

Mindazok számára, akik vidéken vagy külföldön élnek és nem tudnak rendszeresen bejárni

Personal Training

If you want to make sure your workout is effective and develop the fastest If you need constant motivation, you can't train with that efficiency alone If you need the professional knowledge needed for training (correct execution, gradation, personalized program) 

Táplálkozás tanácsadás

Egyéni makro és kalória igény kiszámítását a fizikai aktivitás tükrében 

Eddigi étrended elemzését (hibákra rávilágítás) 

Táplálékkiegészítő ajánlást

Mintaétrend, célodnak megfelelően

Nyomonkövetést előtte utána képekkel  

Kezdd el tested (sz)építését ma